MEDARVA Foundation

At the MEDARVA Foundation we are on a mission to surround ourselves with the people who are making a difference in lives and shaping the future of healthcare. This concept dates back to October 31, 1951, when Virginia Fox Beveridge had the vision to create the Richmond Eye & Ear Hospital. It was not an easy accomplishment, but Virginia surrounded herself with dreamers and doers, believers and thinkers, and overcame all odds.

The MEDARVA Foundation believes in thinking differently, using technology to innovate in subtle ways and implementing solutions. We do these things in multiple ways, by actually going to children in the schools to test for vision and hearing difficulties, and we differentiate ourselves because we bring solutions to the families that cannot afford access to care. Ensuring that a child can see and hear can keep that child in school to learn to the best of his or her ability.

MEDARVA also connects people who have permanent vision loss with new and growing technology to expand what lines of vision they have left so they can still
navigate their world. The MEDARVA Foundation supports research at the three medical universities in Virginia, transforming some of our most innovative physicians’ and researchers’ hypotheses into real impact. We know that our screenings and other programs are making a difference and it can’t be done without your help and support.

The MEDARVA Foundation – which funds grants for programs and organizations that aim to enhance the health and well-being of individuals and families – is now accepting applications for its 2018 grant program. Read more >


Charity Care

SPSC – $648,833


Organizations funded by MEDARVA Foundation

Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center - $5,000

Special Olympics - $10,000 

Crossover Ministries (yr 3 of 3) - $50,000

Challenge Discovery Projects - $42,000

Virginia Voice - $35,000

Goochland clinic – $150,000


REEHA donations

Virginia Home - Walk n Roll - $1,500

Virginia Home - Stories of Courage & Grace - $25,000

Children’s Museum of Richmond (yr 3 of 5) - $10,000

Road to Parenthood - Fertility Workshop - $150

Virginia Home - in Honor of - $200


Research Grants

VCU - Dr. Yeo extension - $50,000

VCU - Dr. Reiter - $40,000  

VCU - Dr. Shiang - $50,000 

VCU – Coelho - $16,777 

EVMS - Dr. Kenerson - $5,000 

EVMS - Dr. Bluher - $5,000 

EVMS - Dr. Heffernan - $5,000


Low Vision

Net loss – $144,019



Total Cost – $141,128