Aging With Dignity, Five Wishes & The Long Goodbye

"There are currently multiple generations addressing this issue and if we can help someone make better, more educated decisions, which leads to a sense of peace, that is always our goal."
—Bruce Kupper, president and CEO of MEDARVA Healthcare

"The Long Goodbye, One of the most important conversations you should have," featuring Time Magazine columnist and best-selling author Joe Klein brought awareness to the ever important topic: aging with dignity, and one’s final wishes. Dr. Raymond L. Spence and Dr. Laurie Lyckholm joined the conversation along with Joe Klein.

The event was a huge success, and a great opportunity and moment for the community. Klein addressed a large crowd at The Steward School, and shared his own experiences making healthcare decisions for his parents as their health steadily declined. He reflected on the fact that the thought of talking to his parents in detail about the way they would live the last days of the life was never really an option.

This is an ongoing conversation within the community and your family, and we encourage you to check back here with us for more information. Below are helpful resources available about the choices you and your family face during this time.

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