Don't let others label your child.

Don't let anyone label your child.

MEDARVA's Free vision & hearing screenings are helping children discover their full potential.

MEDARVA Healthcare has spent the past seven years investing in and conducting early childhood vision and hearing screenings. In that time, 19 percent of children have failed one - or both - of the two screenings. Across all socioeconomic classes, kids are at risk of falling behind in school - and life - because of a simple missed diagnosis.

Before someone labels your child, you should know that there might be a reason why - problems with their vision or hearing.

Our research shows that children only know what they have experienced. Therefore, fuzzy letters, words or even faces may not seem strange to them because that’s all they know. A child who has a difficult time hearing may struggle in class and may feel socially isolated. Sometimes parents and teachers may feel that their child has “tuned them out” when in reality, something may be preventing the child from hearing clearly. 

Finding and treating eye problems such as blurry vision, Amblyopia (lazy eye) and Strabismus (crossed eyes) at an early age may have a significant impact on improving a child’s success in school and can often be treated effectively with early detection. Early treatment of hearing problems also leads to better outcomes for the child. In some cases, if the vision or hearing problem is not identified and corrected early enough, permanent damage may result.

A recent study from the University of Michigan found that a number of ADHD cases had actually been the results of missed sleep apnea diagnoses. Because the children in the study were not getting enough sleep, their brains were making up for it by becoming overactive the next day – trying to stay awake by overcompensating. This was labeled as ADHD and the kids were put on unnecessary medications.

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