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Excellence in Outpatient Care

Defining Excellence

“All of the staff members were wonderful.  They were efficient but did not make me feel like an assembly line.  They were informative without condescending. Going into even a simple procedure everyone was quite reassuring.”

Anne C., September 2021

Highest Patient Satisfaction

More than a third of our patients complete patient surveys each month.  Ninety-nine (99%) of those would recommend MEDARVA Healthcare to others. 

Lowest Infection Rate

Thousands of patients each year appreciate having surgery in a non-hospital-based environment, where infection rates are lower and the nursing team specializes in same-day surgery. Our infection rate is less than 1%.

Transparent Pricing

Preparing for a procedure financially is just as important as preparing medically. We provide custom patient cost forecasts to reduce financial surprises.

Virginia’s Largest Independent Outpatient Surgery Center 

Locally controlled by a non-profit board of directors composed of community volunteers, MEDARVA Healthcare is a leader, performing more outpatient surgical cases than any other independent Center in Virginia.

70-year Legacy of Community Service

MEDARVA Healthcare began as the vision of a Richmond citizen whose bequest built a specialty hospital for Central Virginians needing eye care. Seventy years later, her legacy has directly impacted hundreds of thousands of patients and reached millions more through investments in medical research through the MEDARVA Foundation.

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For Patients

Our specialized facilities, skilled and caring staff, and outstanding physicians mean you’re in the best possible hands. MEDARVA Healthcare performs more outpatient surgeries than any other independent center in Virginia with the highest patient satisfaction ratings and lowest infection rates. 

For Physicians

More than 200 physicians have privileges with MEDARVA Surgery Centers and even more refer their patients to MEDARVA Imaging. From the staff well-trained and acclimated to quick turnaround times, to the local leadership team where decisions can be made quickly, your patients will receive the best care and service in welcoming and easy-to-access facilities. We are happy to explore how MEDARVA Healthcare could benefit your practice and patients. 

For Community

As a Richmond-based nonprofit organization with a 70-year legacy going back to the Richmond Eye and Ear Hospital’s founding in 1951, MEDARVA Foundation’s purpose is to expand medical knowledge and access in our community. We partner with various organizations across the Richmond Metro area to give back to those who need it most.

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