An additional screening test could be the difference between early- and late-stage diagnosis.

Fast Breast MRI will significantly improve our ability to find cancers not seen on a mammogram. Early diagnosis can lead to better outcomes.

The Fast Breast MRI is a supplemental screening test for women of average to intermediate risk for developing breast cancer. It is an abbreviated version of a regular Breast MRI, which is used to screen women who are at high risk (such as women with the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 breast cancer genes). 

  • Significantly improves the ability to find cancers not seen on a mammogram
  • Convenient location and scheduling with little-to-no wait times
  • Appointment complete in less than an hour
  • Out-of-pocket cost of $299
MEDARVA offers both regular and FAST Breast MRIs

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A Fast Breast MRI screening is not intended to replace mammography. An annual mammogram remains the recommended standard of care for women over 40.

An additional screening test for breast cancer can give you peace of mind. It is recommended that you have had a mammogram within the last year. Please also be aware that insurance does not cover FastAST Breast MRI. It has an out-of-pocket cost of $299.00.