MEDARVA Donates to Challenge Discovery Projects

MEDARVA Donates to Challenge Discovery Projects

Virginia Voice Inc. received a $35,000 grant from the Medarva Foundation. The grant supports Virginia Voice’s audio reading service program, which gives individuals in the community access to information in current newspapers and magazines when reading is not an option due to vision loss or other disability.

Medarva Healthcare, a 501©(3) nonprofit, prides itself on practicing and perfecting the art of medicine, and partnering with community organizations to help bring medical assistance and awareness to those in need. The Medarva Foundation’s mission is to restore and enrich lives through health research, outreach, technology, education, surgery and to facilitate the availability of health care to those in need. It funds a wide range of medical care, outreach and educational programs throughout central Virginia.

“Eyes for those who cannot see, hands for those who cannot turn pages … this is the wonderful service Virginia Voice provides to those in need. How fortunate it is for the commonwealth to have them,” said Sally Bagley, vice Chair of the Medarva board and chair of the Medarva Foundation Education/Outreach Committee.

“Virginia Voice is so proud to call Medarva its partner, and one of our longest-tenured sustaining supporters. They do so much to bring access to care to many of the corners of our region that otherwise would do without,” said Jim Wark, Virginia Voice CEO. “We feel fortunate to be associated with Medarva.”

Virginia Voice, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 1978. Its mission is to connect individuals with disabilities to information using technology and the human voice. Its radio broadcast is available for free to qualified listeners. It is also launching Live Audio Description, a program that provides equitable access to theater performances for people with vision-related disabilities.


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