Sally T. Bagley

Richmond Times Dispatch Sally Bagley Spirit of Giving Award Sally Bagley Spirit of Giving Award

Sally T. Bagley was nominated by the Children’s Museum of Richmond for her service to them, but they are quick to point out that dozens of other central Virginia nonprofits have also benefited from Sally’s leadership and hands-on service.

This is a woman who gives back to her community.

She joined the Children’s Museum Board in 1999 and eventually served as their Chair from 2004 – 2007, which was a time of great transition for the museum.

Sally currently serves on the museum’s Development Committee and is always available to lend a hand.

She thanks donors for their support, solicits community donations and regularly volunteers at museum events.

Even when she just brings her grandchildren to visit the museum, she brings along a donation such as roll of paper towels or scrap paper for the museum’s art studio.

Sally’s enthusiasm for working with nonprofits is infections, and she is hard to refuse.

If she meets you, it won’t be long until she asks you to serve in a leadership capacity with a charity in which she is involved and believes you might share an interest.

And both you and the community will be better because of it.

Spirit of Giving Award