A Bright Idea for Vision Protection

A Bright Idea for Vision Protection

MEDARVA’s Eddie Edwards, Commonwealth Eye Care’s Dr. Iuorno, and CBS6’s Tom Patton.


It was hard to avoid the topic of the August 21 total solar eclipse as the event drew near. Residents living within or near the line of totality— the area where the sun would be completely covered by the moon—were especially eager to see the rare natural phenomenon.

The challenge with solar eclipses, however, is eye protection. Wearing the wrong type of glasses can lead to severe damage when staring at the sun. In fact, looking directly at a solar eclipse without the right eye protection allows the sun’s rays to hit the back of the eye and cause damage to the retinal tissue, known as solar retinopathy.

This issue was top-of-mind at MEDARVA, with a physician network that includes a large number of ophthalmologists who are very in-tune with eye safety. That’s why team members planned ahead to source, order and test ISO 12312-2 certified solar safety glasses for their physicians to hand out to patients.

MEDARVA is dedicated to being a trusted health resource for the local community and was proud to have a safe solution on-hand for people looking to protect their eyes, and the eyes of their loved ones, during this unforgettable event.