Walkin' and Rollin' with The Virginia Home


Even the most articulate people among us have a difficult time capturing the scope of MEDARVA in a few sentences. You may see our name on CBS, for example, or on buildings, or you may read about us in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. MEDARVA is the old Richmond Eye and Ear Hospital but today we offer SO MUCH MORE than the treatment of ears and eyes. The Foundation is built on the mission to restore and enrich lives through health research, technology, education, and surgery as well as facilitate the availability of healthcare to those in need. MEDARVA has provided charity care and services to multiple organizations for seven decades. These services are a way for MEDARVA to promote health and wellbeing throughout the Richmond community in need.

The Virginia Home is just one of many places we help. 

Who Is The Virginia Home

The Virginia Home, located in the Byrd Park area, has been providing lifelong residential care to adults with permanent physical disabilities since 1894. Currently about 130 permanent residents reside there who are diagnosed with an irreversible physical disability. The residents of the Virginia Home require round the clock care but it is so much more than that. The Virginia Home is a REAL HOME.

The residents of the Virginia Home are vibrant, active and passionate individuals who live their lives with courage and grace in spite of daily challenges. Some of the residents try to work, go to school, volunteer, and do family nights just like we all do.

What Is Walkin' and Rollin'

The annual Walk and Roll at The Virginia Home was held in 90-degree weather this summer, closing down most of Byrd Park for the race. “For some it may seem like a nice stroll but for our residents we’re racing,” said Virginia Home staff member Rebecca Sontag. 

MEDARVA employees came out to support 108 of the 130 Virginia Home residents who raced this summer. Two hundred volunteers and cheerleaders were there to support the residents as they did four laps around the park in their wheelchairs. Rallying tunes from the VCU pep band kept the mood festive. 

MEDARVA employs several residents of the Virginia Home like Jeff Tomlin. “It meant a lot to see my MEDARVA friends there,” he said. Bruce Kupper, the CEO of MEDARVA, was rushing to keep up with Jeff in his motorized wheelchair for the entire completed laps.

MEDARVA is proud to support our friends at the Virginia Home and grateful to have joined in another successful Walk and Roll. Thanks for getting us outside, moving and socializing as a community!